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The Algarve has been a popular holiday and residential destination for years. During and after the Corona pandemic, this has only increased. Major international newspapers and news bulletins praise Portugal as the best option to build a new life. What makes the Algarve have this magnetic effect on us?

Quality of life

The global pandemic has made public life completely at a standstill for a while. It prompted many people to take a moment to reflect on what really matters in life. Does my work still suit me? How is my work-life balance? Do I feel safe where I live? Wouldn’t I like to move to a house with a garden to be outdoors more? Where would be the best place for my children to grow up?

Many questions that are leading more and more people to consider moving abroad. This is because a lot of wishes are easier to fulfil in some countries. As working from home has become more the rule than the exception in the pandemic, location-independent working has become one of the possibilities. In this regard, Portugal, and the Algarve in particular, is a place of choice for increasing the enjoyment of life.

Sunbathing in winter

First of all, the Algarve has a mild climate, warm balmy summers and mild winters. The sun always has a positive influence on our mood. The number of sunshine hours is extremely high and even in the winter months, the sun has enough power to spend a few hours sunbathing in a sheltered spot.

The mild weather also makes us go outside more often for walks, sports or gardening. Outdoor relaxation is becoming increasingly important as a counterpart to a busy existence. The Algarve is relatively sparsely populated and nature and the beach are within easy reach.

Walking the streets at night

In 2022, Portugal remained one of the safest countries in the world, according to the Global Peace Index (GPI), a report on 163 countries by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP).

How reassuring it is to walk around at night without having to constantly look over your shoulder. Not to fear gun violence in schools. Or to have to hear the news of a new violent crime every day. This is one of the reasons why more and more Americans are also finding Portugal as a safe haven.

Portugal is also distinguished by its peaceful political system. Threats from extremist or terrorist groups, national or international, are simply unheard of.

Friendliness and hospitality

The nature of the people is also something we take into account in our decision to make the move abroad. The Portuguese are seen as quiet, subdued, modest and friendly. On the streets, people say hello to each other and local residents like to take the time for a chat. Here, it is important to learn the language to have a word with them. 

The younger generations speak English well, by the way. In the more touristy parts but also on Portuguese Internet sites, you see that more and more information is also given in English. Due to the growing number of inhabitants from northern and central Europe and America, the Algarve is increasingly becoming a mixture of different nationalities. People find each other through Facebook groups or other social media channels. Even courses and sports are already taught in English.

Clean air

In the Algarve, there are no large factories emitting pollution. The percentage of particulate matter in the air is very low. The wind from the ocean also blows fresh clean air over the country. There are no traffic jams. The only road that can be quite busy in the tourist season is the N125, the provincial road that runs from east to west Algarve.

Even if you stay in a city or in a busy tourist area, free nature is always nearby. Even between the various seaside resorts there is still a lot of untouched nature. The government is keen to preserve the protected natural areas.

The beaches belong to everyone

Also nice to know that all the beaches, for which the Algarve is so famous, are public. Even those of the most exclusive resorts.

You will not find a piece of beach where you are not allowed to put your beach towel because it is supposedly leased by a luxury hotel. However, in areas where beach beds are rented, there is a ban on setting up your own umbrella. Of course, we all want to enjoy the beautiful view.

Algarve on trial

If you are considering living in the Algarve, it is certainly advisable to first go on holiday there a few times to get to know the different regions. Through our portal you are sure to find accommodation to your liking. Should you wish to view a house during your holiday anyway, you can be accompanied by the English-speaking real estate agents of Divine Home Who knows, your holiday might suddenly take a completely different turn.

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