Frequently asked questions

Please, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. We're familiar with each house in our offer and can give you good advice. You might want to check the FAQ's first to see if your question has already been answered.

  • Which are the standard check-in and departure dates?+


    Unless stated differently, bookings are made from Saturday to Saturday. In agreement with the owner, the dates could vary, in which case we will inform you a.s.a.p.

  • Which are the procedures after booking?+


    Upon receiving your booking form you will automatically receive confirmation of receipt of your application from us. As soon as this is confirmed by the owner, you'll be receiving our formal confirmation of your booking with the invoice by mail. Upon receipt of your payment, we will send you the voucher with all further information.

  • Are there any additional cost?+


    Our prices are usually 'all inclusive'. Other than the rental price that is stated on our website, you only pay an additional 30 euro for booking fees (and if applicable, additional cost for insurance coverage of cancellation and accidental damage to the rental). In some cases there will be an extra charge for e.g. the use of air condition etc. This should always be mentioned on the site at the description of the house and will have to be paid on location (like the damage deposit). The use of bed linen, bath towels and tea towels is inclusive; as is the use of water, gas and electric, unless mentioned otherwise in the description on the website. For the use of wood/logs for the open fireplace and/or wood burning stove you should usually be required to pay a certain fee to the owner or his/her contact (depending on your actual use).

  • Can I make a reservation subject to confirmation?+


    Yes, you can when it concerns one specific house for a fixed period. Just mention 'Reseservation subject to confirmation' below 'Comments' on the application form. We should hear from the owner within 48 hours if he agrees to this. We'll inform you of his decision by e-mail. You'll then have up to 3 days to confirm and finalise your reservation.



    UPDATE 4 MAY 2020
    The uncertainty surrounding Covid 19, and whether we will soon be allowed and able to travel through Europe, is still gripping us. The EU is now discussing a joint travel protocol. This will be announced by the EU on 13 May, but it is expected that even then customization will be provided by country or even by region.
    Hopefully, the airlines will also be able to provide more clarity after that.

    In the meantime, we think it is time for positive news about the situation in Portugal:


    This 7 weeks lasting State of Emergency has certainly paid off. The Portuguese approach towards Covid 19 is internationally acclaimed as a good example of how to deal with this crisis: early intervention, extensive testing, good healthcare and reliable data. And t he character of the Portuguese will also have played a role in the positive results: calm, careful, much solidarity and focused on the future.

    - Across Portugal, with a population of 11 million, 1,040 people died on May 3, 13 of whom were in the Algarve.
    - 60% of Covid19 infections were or are located in the far north of Portugal, 37% in the Lisbon / center region.
    - And only 1.3% in the Algarve...

    The tourism industry has prepared itself well in recent weeks, together with the government, in the hope that they will soon be able to receive guests from abroad safely and hospitably. They are of course realistic and understand that even if the green light is given, there will be restrictions for the time being and yet there will be significantly fewer tourists. However, this drawback will have a positive effect in keeping everything manageable and safe for the tourists who can come. Because the last thing that everyone wants now is crowded beaches, restaurants or shopping streets, and this will not happen either. Security must remain priority and the Portuguese government will continue to deal with this crisis.

    This is why we trust that if the decision is made to travel again, it will be safe for the Portuguese and therefore for you.
    But first, what's going to happen in Portugal in the coming month:

    From May 4
    - all shops up to 200m2 are allowed to open again, including hairdressers, dentists, etc.
    - public transport will start running again, with 2/3 capacity.
    - certain outdoor sports such as surfing, tennis, horse riding and golf may be practiced.
    - you can be together again, with a maximum of 10 people at the same time.

    From May 18
    - the restaurants, terraces, cafes and museums may reopen. All with more limited capacity; for restaurants, 50% still applies.
    - the larger shops are allowed to open.
    - the superstructure of the schools reopens.

    From June 1
    - theaters, cinemas and concert halls may open again, with reduced capacity.
    - the shopping malls are allowed to open.
    - and very important for the Portuguese: although without an audience, the football competition can start again from 30 May.

    A protocol is currently being drawn up by the Portuguese government and the coastal authorities for the upcoming opening of the beach season with more limited capacity. For clarity; except for a single beach, the beaches in the Algarve have simply been open to residents, but due to the state of emergency, little use could be made of them. The official beach season normally starts on May 1 and from then the beaches are monitored and the sun beds and umbrellas are turned off. We hope to hear as soon as possible when and how the beaches open.

    Outside the months of July and August there will be no problem with regard to capacity, because the Algarve has so many beaches to choose from! It will become important for July and especially August to observe a good protocol.

    - Also in May, the 2-meter distance rule that applied from mid-March will be maintained.
    - For the time being it is mandatory to wear "social chirurgical masks" in shops, schools and public transport. These are widely available in stores and pharmacies in Portugal.

    The Portuguese government announced on May 2 that commercial flights with a capacity of two-thirds (ie middle rows free) are allowed to fly and that passengers must wear face masks. It is not yet clear when the airlines will fly again. Faro is still closed, more and more commercial flights are flown from and to Lisbon. KLM, among others, flies from Amsterdam to Lisbon. In the mean time, the EU and IATA have indicated that they are not in favour of leaving the centre row empty, so things may change soon.

    Opened ticket sales for the winter season 2020 - 2021 in April, 5 months earlier than usual, also to Faro. This means that people who have canceled Transavia tickets can already rebook them to a period between November 1, 2020 and April 1, 2021. For the time being, Transavia still indicates not to fly until May 27. We hope, of course, that this was the last delay and that it can be restarted afterwards.

    This update may also raise new questions for you. We would like to ask you to wait a little longer before we know what the travel protocol for Portugal will look like.

    To answer specific questions about your booking as quickly as possible, please send them by email to We will try to answer them within 24 hours.

    So far, and thank you for your continued patience!