Who doesn’t love it; strolling along beautifully paved streets with views of the ocean on one side and countless terraces and restaurants to choose from on the other. Always something to see and do. There are a number of towns in the Algarve that have such a promenade along the lush coastline.

Quarteira: the Algarve’s longest promenade

Quarteira was originally a small fishing village. It borders the fashionable Vilamoura. From the 1970s, high-rise apartment buildings have sprung up along the coast. These may not be architectural masterpieces, yet they accommodate numerous bars and restaurants with their terraces right by the sea on the ground floor.

Quarteira has the longest beachfront promenade in the Algarve. Walking along a car-free boulevard immediately gives that ultimate holiday feeling. A little further on is the harbour where you will find even more shops and bars.

If you come on Wednesdays, you can visit the weekly market until lunchtime. There you can also buy the fresh fish caught early in the morning by Quarteira’s fishermen.

Olhos de agua: looking for ‘water eyes’

Olhos de agua borders the more famous and seaside resort of Albufeira and is somewhat calmer and uncluttered.  On the beach of this village, small freshwater springs can be found among the mossy stones. They look like eyes in the sand. Hence the name of the place. It has a small promenade along the beach. Here you can take a pleasant stroll among the swaying palms. Afterwards, you can settle down on a terrace and enjoy the local cuisine.

Olhos de agua is a very suitable place for families with young or school-age children. The village is quiet and the beach is clean and safe. It is centrally located in the Algarve and from here all kinds of attractions in the region can be easily reached.


Armação de Pera: loved by the Portuguese

Like Quarteira, Armação de Pera is a larger resort that grew out of a small fishing village. On part of the beach you can still see the colourful fishing boats that still go out every morning. Armação has a wide promenade about 1 km long. It is a favourite seaside resort of Portuguese from Lisbon and Porto. They often own a flat in the tall apartment buildings next to the promenade.

Walking along the white natural stones, there is always something to do. A small modern playground on the beach or a former casino where you can buy art. In summer, you will see several street artists at work. Along the promenade there are several ice cream parlours so you can decide to continue your walk with a refreshing ice cream in your hand at any time.

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